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sorry for my bad english and spelling still in school) eneyways the reason why im making this and havnt been uploading a lot  is because i have been having some creepyCreeped out wild Amy Eyeless Jack  dreams lately i dont if u should worry or notSmileBeaklessTC.jpeg (Icon)  but i have been having more dreams adout slendermanSlender Tentacles and i have none stop looking around and none stop checking my body eneyways were do i start *sigh* wellll
  1. my first slender dream was on i think wednesday or thursday when it first started it started when i found my self walking in the forset thne i found my self walking near a building of some sort then when i turn around i see my house i ran to my house i was so scared that i feel to the ground i saw somekind of scar on my hand then i was pulled away from my house i try to struggle but i couldnt i heard i whisper saying dont be afraid and wat ever you do dont wake up then when i saw infront of me i woke up
  2. the next night i had another dream i was walking to the same building or some kind og mansion with the same man i was quick for a lil bit then i said wats going on  why am i sleeping its not he interopted and he said you dont i bid then i reply why he said its important  i said k go on he said that i was very interesting i reply interesting? he said yes i have been watching you ever since you were a child i said why (btw i always belived i had someone watching over me) he relpy ever since you were a child you were treated (pun intended) un fairly a was always bullyed ever since you growed up you feelt alone but you haded friends though you couldnt hold as much friends as you can so you feelted alone again i slowly when to comfused to sad and said its true i hate thoughs who never wish to help me as we stoped he turn around i said sadly i dont wanna be scared eneymore as he huged me and said you wont youll know the real truth soon then i woke up and feelt normal and thats wat happened (ill update soon if more of this goes on)   ps:dont like the people that says everything is fake it was just a dream so i thought it would make me feel better if i shared it  oh and ill try to get back on to uploading stuff tell i feel better im still sick bye :3
weird f*** up dreams by cool103


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xena morden
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i love art it helps me get throw my day and it helps me calm down when i first meant art i was happy of the way people put there hard work into it and make there friends happy by showing there work that they bid hard on eneyways i hope you enjoy my art work


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